Dog food

Have A Look At Our Wide Selection Of Dog Food

We all know how fussy our dogs can be when it comes to which food they like. It can even change from one day to the next can’t it?!

Below is a selection of the dog food that we stock, but it is only a selection, so if there is a specific variety or brand of food that your dog prefers, please pop in or call us on 01666 822325.

Arden Grange:

Arden Grange AdultArden Grange Puppy
We stock 3 different pack sizes of Arden Grange dry dog food, and they are:

2.5Kg, 7.5Kg and 15Kg.


DuckBrownRice15kgChickenBrownRice2kgWe have the following pack sizes available for Burns’ range of dry dog food:

2Kg, 7.5Kg and 15Kg.

Burns dog food can be hard to find but we’re one of the few that stock it.

Hills Pet Nutrition:

Hills Adult TinHills AdultThe selection of Hill’s dog food that we have includes bags of dry food and tins of wet food.

The dry food is available in 3Kg, 7.5Kg and 15Kg bags and the wet food is available in tins weighing 370g.

James Wellbeloved:

JWB AdultJWB PuppyWe stock the James Wellbeloved range of dry dog food and have the following pack sizes available:

2Kg, 7.5Kg and 15Kg.

As always, Paul is on hand with any heavy lifting requirements!

Royal Canin:

Royal Canin MatureRoyal Canin AdultOur range of Royal Canin dog food just about caters for everyone (including the dogs of course!). The pack sizes that we have are:

2Kg, 4Kg, 8Kg and 15Kg.

Pro Plan

Pro Plan AdultPro Plan SeniorWe also stock the very well known Pro Plan range of dog food, a high quality complete dry food, enriched with vitamins and minerals.

We have the 3Kg bag and the 15Kg bag available for your dog.

Lumleys Finest Pet Foods

Lumleys Finest TurkeyLumleys Finest LambWe’re proud to have our very own brand of premium dog food.

It consists of puppy, adult and senior/light varieties, and is manufactured to a very high standard.

The pack sizes for our own premium dog food are for the puppy range: 2.5Kg and 7.5Kg, whilst our adult and senior/light varieties come in bags of 2.5Kg and 15Kg.

Bakers Complete:

Bakers 15kgBakers 12.5kgOur selection of Bakers Complete dry dog food is available in the following pack sizes:

1Kg, 2Kg, 3kg, 5Kg, 6Kg, 12kg and 15Kg.

And Paul will very kindly carry any heavy bags to your car, even if he doesn’t know it yet! He’s good like that.


Pedigree 15kgPedigree PuppyOur range of Pedigree dog food caters for people who like to buy in both small and large quantities. We have the following pack sizes:

2Kg, 2.5Kg, 10Kg and 15Kg.

Other Brands Of Dog Food That We Have Available

We also stock the following brands in pack sizes of  3 Kg and 15Kg:

Beta, Eukanuba and Iams:

Beta AdultEukanuba Adult 3kgIams 3Kg