Fish Supplies

Fish Supplies

We have a good selection of fish supplies, whether it is for cold water fish such as gold fish or for your collection of tropical and marine fish.

And we also cater for our cold blooded friends too, with a range of reptile supplies to help keep your reptile happy and healthy.

Fish Food

IMG_6028Feeding your cold water, tropical fish and marine fish excellent quality food can ensure that they maintain excellent health and well being.

We have a wide selection of different foods for your fish, including the Aquarian brand, that provides a complete balanced diet that is formulated with natural ingredients for healthy and active fish.

IMG_6029And we also stock the Interpet brand of freeze dried fish food, which they say adds variety to your fish’s diet without the risk of causing disease, which is sometimes associated with live food.

We can give you sound and knowledgeable advice on the best food to feed your fish, whether they are cold water fish, tropical fish or marine fish.

Fish Accessories


You may already have an aquarium or perhaps you are considering  keeping fish, either way we have the accessories and the expertise to help you. To begin with, we have a choice of fish tanks and artificial plants to help you get started, if you do not already have your aquarium in place.

Whether you have an aquarium with tropical or marine fish or a tank of cold water fish, ensuring that you use the correct water treatments is absolutely essential to the survival of your fish.

We can advise on which is the IMG_6035appropriate treatment to use from our range, plus help with any other questions that you may have.






Frozen Foods