Garden Supplies

As the full name of our business suggests, we do in fact stock a sizeable quantity of garden supplies for all you gardening enthusiasts out there.

We’ll tend to have a good selection of seasonal plants and flowers for you and your garden throughout the applicable months of the year, as well as having an extremely wide choice of flower and vegetable seeds for your garden.

In fact when you pop and see us, you will normally be greeted outside by an array of plants and flowers, weather permitting.

And as soon as you walk through our door you will see two big displays of flower and vegetable seeds on your right hand side.IMG_6032

In addition to the items above, we also have bags of compost for you, as well as heavy duty gardening gloves for both men and women, gardening mats for you to kneel down on and many other sundry items.



Onion Sets & Potatoes: