Gifts & Cards

Gifts and Cards

Dog MugsIn addition to all of the pet and gardening supplies that we have in our shop, we also have a selection of animal and pet related gifts and cards.

These are perfect gifts that you can give out to any friends or family members that you know are pet or animal lovers.

Pet CardsPerhaps they have a labrador, golden retriever or other breed of dog and you’d like to give them a gift that is relevant to their dog. They may have a cat and you’d like to surprise them with a gift that has a picture of their feline friend on it.

Or perhaps they do not have a pet but you know that they like a particular type of animal and so it would make an ideal gift for them.

We Have Books About Animals Too

pet-booksYou may want to give a friend or relative a book as they have recently purchased a new pet – it may be their first pet and a book explaining how to keep and look after it may be useful for them. Or it may be that you just want to give a book to someone as a present.

Equally, you may want to give a card, perhaps a birthday or a Christmas card to someone that matches the pet that they have or the animal that they really like.

Whichever it is, we have a wide choice of gift ideas (including mugs, books and keyrings) and cards available that may just solve the problem of what to get that family member or friend – you know, the one that you normally struggle to think of what to buy them.