Natures Menu Frozen

Natures Menu provide a range of complete, balanced ready-made raw meals for your dogs. The Natures Menu raw complete meals have been carefully created by an expert raw team to be nutritionally complete and balanced.

They select choice cuts of in date human grade real meaty pieces for the range.
Using high quality cuts, even including the breast of chicken in our chicken minces.
Meat is also ethically sourced, free range and sourced local to their production kitchen in Norfolk, wherever possible.

Raw foods haven’t been cooked or heated so all of the natural vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and enzymes are readily available to give your dog a completely natural diet just as nature intended.

Nuggets 1kg

Puppy                    Chicken Veg & Rice              Lamb Veg & rice

        Tripe & Chicken                       Beef                                 Banquet


    Active                               Senior                        Rabbit No Grain

  Venison No Grain                                           Blocks (300gm)


       Beef Knuckles                     Beef Ribs                   Lamb Hearts

Raw Beef Knuckle BoneRaw Beef RibsRaw Lamb Hearts