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Putting Wild Bird Food Out For The Birds Really Does Help Our Wild Birds All Year Round

IMG_6030We’re all aware that our environment is constantly changing and unfortunately with it we see areas of farmland, woodland and hedgerows being continually reduced.

This has a massive effect on not only the habitats of our wild birds, but also their food sources too.

Fortunately, we have a great selection of wild bird food in stock which is perfect for a host of our garden birds, from blackbirds, thrushes, robins, blue tits and sparrows to all of the finch family – including chaffinches, greenfinches and goldfinches.

In fact our range of wild bird food is beneficial for just about every visitor to your garden.

Our Guide On What To Feed Garden Birds – And When

Below is a brief and very easy to understand guide of what we should be feeding our garden birds in each of the seasons, as it is actually very important that we feed them the correct foods at the correct times.


With natural food supplies are their lowest after the winter months, this is a crucial time for feeding. The birds will need specific foods during the Spring as they will be mating and having young.

Foods to put out are: Mealworms, waxworms, black sunflower seeds, raisins and currants and good seed mixtures without loose peanuts (we’ll tell you why in a minute). Peanuts in a feeder where they will be pecked at is fine however, its access to whole peanuts that needs to be avoided.

Foods to avoid during the Spring are: Loose peanuts, as if fed to the nestlings they will more than likely choke. In fact be very careful what you put on your bird table as it may also be fed to the youngsters. You also want to avoid feeding them fat balls and bread too.


At this time of year the young birds being to leave the nest and find food for themselves. So the same rules apply as for the Spring really, and in particular with loose peanuts.

Foods to put out are: During the Summer months, birds need high levels of protein, in particular if they are maulting. And so once again mealworms, waxworms and black sunflower seeds are good, as are peanuts as long as they are in a feeder and not loose.

Foods to avoid during the Summer are: Once again loose peanuts are a no-no, as are fat balls and bread.

Autumn and Winter:

At this time of year, the more regularly you can put food out for the birds the better, so twice a day would be great if you are able to do it. Birds require high energy food during the colder months, as well as plenty of water so do ensure that bird bath is topped up.

Foods to put out are: Fat balls are extremely valuable to birds at this time of year. Do not use fat from food that you have cooked yourself however, as this is potentially very harmful to birds.

Also mealworms, sunflower seeds and everything else that you feed them during the Spring and Summer is absolutely fine for feeding the birds at this time of year.

Foods to avoid during the Autumn and Winter are: As the cold weather creeps in and food source become scarce, birds will appreciate anything that you put out.

Fat BallsThe key with fat balls is to ensure that they are not made from fat from your home cooking, and so it is best to buy specifically produced fat balls which from our shop are very inexpensive to buy.